Installation and Setup

Our Gas Safe experts will arrive with your boiler and all the parts needed for it to work. Our crew will usually arrive between 8 am until 11 am but they will call ahead of time to give you updates.

Our experts will work to the highest possible level to guarantee your safety while they work.

We only ask that you provide us with enough space in your house for us to do our work without issues.

Yes. We chemically flush our boilers during installation. We also add an inhibitor to your central heating system to avoid corrosion.

Your new boiler will arrive with us together on installation day.

You have the option of recycling your old boiler. If your boiler contains asbestos, then contact an asbestos removal contractor for the job.


As the name suggests, the Free System Filter is installed on your boiler for free. It iis custom fitted to your central heating return pipework to collect any residue that is inside the system before it goes into your boiler.

For annual cleaning of the filter, feel free to contact us.

Smart Thermostats are boiler controls that regulate hot water in your boiler. It works on a radio frequency and the receiver is connected to your boiler. During installation, an engineer will check and adjust (with your permission) the exact location for the thermostat itself. From there, you can control the boiler yourself.

We always give away free smart thermostats for every boiler installation. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Every boiler you purchase from us is covered with a guarantee and we will set it up for you.

The condensate pipework is included with the installation. If you do have a condensate pipework working in place, then we will inspect it and make sure that it is still in good working condition or if it needs an upgrade.

Your gas pipework will be upgraded if required and it will be included in your quotation.

Payment Details

Yes, you can. There is an available one-time payment price for your boiler. We also offer a finance option where you can pay as little as 10 euros per month.

Our finance option is very easy and straight-forward. When viewing boilers on our website, you can check and press the “view finance options” button for our finance calculator to show up. It will calculate how much you’ll need to pay, along with other options depending on your budget.

If you find which boiler works for you together with the finance option, you’ll be led to our finance provider Vendigo. You’ll have to fill up the form provided and then apply for finance on your new boiler. The acceptance rate is high for our finance option so for those with bad credit, don’t be discouraged.

Yes, you can. Get in touch with Vendigo and they’ll provide you with a settlement figure for your finance balance.

The invoice will be sent to your email once you’re done with the checkout.

Yes. Our finance partner Vendigo has a secure website where you can process your finance application without worries.

No, you don’t have to. The deposit is optional; you can put up from 0 to 50 percent of the total amount for the deposit of your new boiler.

We use only the highest level of security for payments on our website. In the event your purchase was declined, you may contact your bank to activate the payment for allowing high purchase amounts to go through.

Survey Types and Questions

For residential boilers, there are four types used:

Combi – This is instant hot water that comes from water being boiled through the boiler. No tanks or cylinders are needed for airing attics/cupboards. It has 6 copper pipes connected.

Regular – These usually come with water tanks that are placed in the attic/airing cupboard together with a hot water storage cylinder.

System – Comes with a hot water storage cylinder but has no water tanks in the attic. Like the combi boiler, it is pressurized so watch for the pressure gauge in the airing cupboard or in the boiler itself.

Back Boiler Unit (BBU) – These are built into a fireplace and are connected to a fire in front of it.

Radiator valves adjust the flow of water through your radiator to get the right temperature that you want in a room.These come with a 0-5 print on the head. These are used as a money-saving option and are proven to enhance the service of your central heating system.

The flue will either be round or square. This will terminate through a wall or roof and steam usually comes out of it when the boiler is activated. The flue looks like an exhaust on closer inspection.

Most residential houses have either sloped or on flat roofs. Sloped roofs usually consist of ceramic tiles or slate tiles while flat roofs are made of fiberglass or felt type material. Flat roofs are always installed on garages or ground floor extensions.

Most Common Questions

This will depend on the size of your property and just how much hot water you and your household will need from your new boiler. The average cost for a new boiler usually comes at around 1500 – 4000 Euros depending on what your house needs. Most of our replacement boilers are sold at a fixed price and inclusive of VAT.

Yes. Our engineers or “Warmstallers” are all Gas Safe registered as a minimum requirement for the job.

The answer to this can be a Yes or No. It really depends on the price for the boiler repair; most boiler repairs are very expensive and even if the boiler is repaired, it won’t be long until another problem comes out so it can sometimes be efficient to replace the boiler instead.

Our new boilers come with a minimum 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so any repairs needed in the future is free of charge. Modern combi boilers are more efficient and can save you a lot of money on central heating bills.

Yes, it does run on gas. However, you can check on the data plate on the boiler for more information.

If you don’t see a hot water cylinder and some tanks in your attic, then most likely you have a combi type of boiler. If you do see a hot water cylinder with some tanks, then you have a standard or back boiler unit. If you only see a hot water cylinder but without any tanks, then you’re running a system boiler.

We supply Worcester Bosch boilers from Life/Style range, I range, Worcester system Boiler range, and the Ri range. We also supply all Ideal Logic Combi boilers.

Yes, we do. We also supply fit Addey and Fernox.

Our new boiler comes with a 5 or 10 year guarantee or warranty.

Your new boiler’s warranty or guarantee covers all breakdowns during the warranty period as specified by the manufacturer. It covers labor and the parts needed for the repair providing you meet the requirements needed on the warranty. Your boiler will be serviced by a Gas Safe engineer.

You need to call the boiler manufacturer and book a breakdown service call. You can check your installation booklet for the manufacturer’s phone number.

Yes. You can contact any Gas Safe engineer for the annual maintenance for your boiler.

For the Landlord Section

After the boiler installation, you will receive a landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate. This will serve as proof that your boilers are installed properly. Your engineer will do this for you and send it to you via email.

Yes, you can. We will simply need your tenant’s details and then we can arrange the boiler installation together with the tenant.

We can contact your letting agent about the installation. Just send us their contact details and we will happily get in touch with them for you.

Yes, you can reach out to us and we’ll happily discuss a discount rate for multiple boiler purchases.

Yes, it does. We will remind you around 2 weeks before the certificate expires that it needs renewing.

We can arrange that. Simply give us your agent’s contact details and we’ll arrange everything that is needed.